Why the commitment to meet energy targets is harming our forests
07 November 2017

The UK Government has signed up to meet CO2 emmissions targets by ensuring that 15% of all our energy requirements are met from ‘renewable’ energy sources by 2020.  Visit www.usewoodwisely.co.uk to find out more.

On the face of it, it seems highly commendable, and this would be the case if all renewable energy sources were truly renewable. Wind; solar; and geothermal are all infinite and freely available. Woody biomass meets neither of these criteria, but dubious logic and science has twisted it to be classified as such.

In the rush to find a solution to meet the CO2‚ emissions targets, the UK government embraced woody biomass as a means, through flawed science and rationale, to ensure it meet its targets. Due to this faulty science and logic, forests and industries are under the threat of going up in smoke.

To learn more from scientists and environmentalists from around the world, and to have your say, visit www.usewoodwisely.co.uk.

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