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Why is SterlingOSB Zero ahead of the rest? - Builders' Questions Answered
09 July 2020

What is SterlingOSB Zero?
SterlingOSB Zero is the panel produced at Norbord’s state-of-the-art mill in Inverness.  Produced using a continuous press, it utilises a resin formulation which contains no added formaldehyde.

What exactly is formaldehyde?
Formaldehyde is a simple chemical compound made of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon.  All life forms – bacteria, plants, fish, animals and humans – naturally produce formaldehyde as part of cell metabolism.  It is also found in wood.

Traditional OSB panels add formaldehyde to the resin which binds the wood flakes together.  This addition of formaldehyde, although meeting standards, can cause irritation for people when working with the panel in large quantities for prolonged periods without proper ventilation.

How does this board differ from the old one?
SterlingOSB Zero differs mainly in appearance; the board is lighter in colour with a smoother surface. It meets all building regulations and standards, and the new continuous press means less variation across the boards.

What are the benefits to the builder of using SterlingOSB Zero?
The zero-added formaldehyde resin creates an excellent bond between the wood strands and brings additional environmental benefits thanks to less resin required in each board.  This means a more environmentally-friendly solution for those both producing and using the product.  The smooth surface of the new board is also perfect for roofing and will work for GRP and fibreglass roofing systems without need to sand.

Does Norbord still make the previous OSB?
The previous formulation is no longer being produced – SterlingOSB Zero is now used for all of the company’s OSB products going forward.

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