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Ways to soundproof the home in this noisy world
19 February 2020

Buildings can be noisy depending on the inhabitants and how heavy footed they are!  Norbord has come up with THE answer for housebuilders – and peace-loving homeowners – with CaberAcoustic.

We are the leading floorboard panel manufacturer in the UK, and as the expert in all things “wood panels”, decided we could do our bit to lessen the problem by inventing a new, quiet flooring system. CaberAcoustic has been designed to reduce any troublesome impact and airborne transmitted sounds – whatever they may be in the client’s home.

It can be installed in both new and existing buildings, on timber and concrete floors.  It must be laid as a floating floor directly above a flooring deck felt side down – yes, environmentally-friendly, recycled fibre cosy felt. If you are building a new floor in a new build, use it with Norbord’s CaberFloor P5, CaberDek or CaberShieldPlus.

It’s the most cost-effective way for the housebuilder too as it’s an “under one roof” system so no messing about running to and from to the builders’ merchant for that forgotten adhesive. It comes with brilliant fixings so no challenges there – CaberFix T&G PVA glue.

If you are into the science of decibels, 19dB is the reduction in sound transference when CaberAcoustic is used solo. Obviously, greater reductions can be enjoyed when used with other sound reduction systems – even carpets and a multitude of soft furnishings will bring the noise levels down.

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