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Tips to make your move easier
04 June 2020

Nobody looks forward to the moving process, it’s a disruptive process that requires you to invest huge amounts time and energy. While it’s never going to be fun, there are definitely ways to make your move as simple as possible for yourself and your family. Here are some professional tips and tricks to make your relocation as seamless as possible.

In the months leading up to your move, start collecting packaging. It goes without saying that you’ll need boxes for packing, but you can also find a use for the items that would normally get discarded without a second thought. Plastic yogurt containers are perfect for storing loose items while Pringle’s cylinders are the perfect place to store pens and pencils.

If you don’t have enough protection for transporting your valuables, popcorn is an inventive solution! Using an air popper to make some plain popcorn will leave you with a cheap, biodegradable method of making sure your items arrive in one piece.

A packet of foam party plates can be useful to slip in between your plates and side plates to prevent breakages and wine boxes are great for packing your expensive glasses.

Make sure your all of your doors are wedged open when it comes to moving day. If you are moving in the winter months, ensure that all paths and stairs are completely clear of ice and snow to prevent injuries.

It’s natural for pets to become unsettled by moving and harder to be sure of their whereabouts if doors are being left open. If possible, it’s best to find someone trusted to take care of your pets on moving day.

Book your removal van several weeks in advance and make sure you are clued up on their insurance policies.

Plan your route beforehand so that you aren’t met with low bridges or narrow roads that may be a problem on moving day.

Pack your cleaning products and equipment last so you can clean your old house and you know where they are in case you have to clean the new one too.

Pack an overnight bag with your essentials so that you aren’t searching for your toothbrush when it’s time for bed.

If you have to take furniture apart, place the hardware in a sealable plastic bag and tape it to the furniture pieces so you know exactly where everything is.

Contact your local council before you move to find out how to correctly dispose of any hazardous materials.

Lay down felt pads, blankets or mats to protect areas of your flooring that could get scratched or damaged in the move.

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