The UK taxpayer paying power stations to burn wood!
04 December 2017

The UK Government adds a levy to all household energy bills to pay for their incentive to power stations to burn wood. Read more at where the experts tell you all you need to know.

Essentially, it’s a hidden tax that the majority of us are unaware we’re paying for.  Surely few, if any, would be happy contributing to the burning of wood, and the subsequent loss of forests and increase in atmospheric CO2.GO


Following the release of the DECC report, ‘Life Cycle Impacts of Biomass Electricity in 2020’, Director General of WPIF, Alastair Kerr, said: “This report has now confirmed what we have long said – that taxpayers may have been subsidising power stations to burn wood in a way that creates more carbon emissions than burning coal.

This should not be considered a new development. Indeed, WPIF and others, including Greenpeace, have been telling the Government this for years. In 2010, WPIF submitted a report to DECC which stated: “If the UK biomass industry were to displace the UK wood panel industry as primary consumers of 4 million tonnes of UK sourced timber, the net CO2 emissions for the UK would rise by 6 million tonnes – more than 1% of the UK’s reported emissions in 2008.””

Thus, taxpayers are funding not only the burning of wood for energy, but the subsequent potentially disastrous effect of increased CO2 emissions.

Follow the links to read more from scientists and environmentalists from around the world.

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