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Stay strong and secure with SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix
18 November 2019

Have you ever wondered which material is strongest for fixing kitchen cabinetry, bathroom basins or radiators to a wall? Or, perhaps you’re looking for something superior to plywood when it comes to the building process? Or maybe you’ve you even tried to hang a mirror on a wall and encountered challenges with a weak plasterboard substrate? Well, at Norbord Europe, the UK’s no. 1 engineered wood panel producer, we endeavour to provide innovative solutions for housebuilders with our engineered boards, and that includes SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix – the solution for all the challenges mentioned above!

Our SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix is specifically designed for drylining applications where a little more muscle strength is needed. It is cut to size to fit within c-stud sections, has a pre-groove already cut which allows for a quick and hassle-free installation, and has zero knots meaning the strength of the board is maintained throughout. It can even hold an impressive 400kg – that’s about as heavy as a horse! This just goes to show that there really is no contest between SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix and plywood.

So, if SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix and its impressive design has intrigued you, speak to one of our Housebuilding team today: email or call 01786 812 921. 

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