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Install your house-wrap correctly
28 May 2020

House-wrap is a great way to reduce air leakage and prevent water from entering the wall system. Keeping water that infiltrates exterior cladding away from the wall system is efficient in helping to mitigate rot and mould. Unfortunately, house-wrap is sometimes installed incorrectly which not only allows moisture to get in, but also prevents water from getting out. When you reverse the lap, water is able to flow from the surface of the top layer of wrap. It can then become trapped between the sheathing and the house-wrap. This is problematic as it can lead to unwanted and costly issues.

To avoid issues and inconveniences ensure that the upper house-wrap is not tucked behind the lower wrap. The bottom edge should instead lap over the lower wrap. Be sure to check that house-wrap is correctly installed before it gets covered up as it’s an expensive mistake to have to correct later down the line!

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