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How will you attract young talent to your construction company?
18 December 2019

To maintain business health, it is essential for any construction company to consistently be on the lookout for talented new recruits. Fortune will favour those that are able to appeal to the younger generation as they reach working age. The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board in a 2019 report titled “New ECITB research reveals recruitment challenges faced by industry” estimated that the construction industry is set to grow by 33,000 jobs in the next decade with a third of employers expecting to increase their workforce. It will be those that are able to appeal to younger audiences that capitalise on this.

An aging workforce and lack of skilled labour will continue to have marked impact on the abilities of small to medium construction firms to offer a competitive price or complete jobs in line with targets. With the competition for skilled labour growing more intense, it will be more important than ever for companies to master clear and successful business tactics for attracting potential new applicants.

When you consider the costs of replacing an employee, particularly if the vacancy cannot be filled immediately, it seems prudent to invest time into company morale. Ensuring that staff are kept happy can increase security and remove the costly risks of staff shortages.

Build a supportive workplace

One of the best ways to maintain a high staff retention rate is to provide a healthy, supportive work environment. Showing your employees that their efforts and hard work are appreciated will encourage good performance and ensure loyalty.

Create a safe working environment that prioritises health and safety, follows guidelines and offers extensive training opportunities. Always ensure that equipment is in good working order and regularly update equipment and technology so that your employees have the best tools.

Good salaries, excellent benefits, company events and team-building activities will all help to create a supportive working environment.

Provide funds for training

The more skilled your workforce, the better your workmanship so make provisions for regular training throughout the year.

Lay out a clear plan for advancement for each employee so that they can see your commitment to their future within the company. Continuous improvement will help to incentivise younger workers to stay and generate optimism about their future.

Get technical

Keep up with advances in the technological world as your younger workforce will be a valuable asset in this area. Using technology to plan, organize and analyse your build will give you greater control of every aspect of the build and will highlight opportunities to streamline your processes.

Environmentally friendly

Concern over preserving our environment is growing consistently and adopting more eco-friendly building practices will attract younger workers as well as prospective clients. Adopting an environmentally-friendly approach to building will benefit you immensely. This extends to charitable endeavours too. Helping out with local projects will certify your company’s ethical appeal which will be appreciated by employees and customers alike.

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