Government policy is putting the UK wood industry at risk.
30 November 2017

The UK wood industry and related industries are being put at risk as the wood market becomes distorted by Government policy. The popular Use Wood Wisely campaign – – outlines the environmental debate which is backed by scientists and industrialists alike.

It’s not only the environment that is being damaged by the use of burning wood for energy. Wood costs have risen by 50% in the last five years and, as more wood is burnt, the distortion within the marketplace increases even further. This affects products such as wood fibre that is being used to make particleboard used in construction, rather than being burnt in order to generate energy.

This sharp price increase puts these long-established industries under a very real threat, along with 1000s of jobs. In addition, the costs of kitchens, floors, furniture and other domestic products could continue to rise dramatically.

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