Furnish with Norbord
08 May 2019

The UK market for wood panel products is dominated by the construction industry for structural, aesthetic and fitting-out purposes. Where MDF excels too is in furniture; its consistent and reliable physical characteristics, and the ease with which it can be machined, makes it ideal for manufacturing carcasses and frames.

Norbord produced the world’s first MDF (in 1966 at its factory in New York State) and, in 1979, its Cowie factory became the first to produce MDF in the UK. Today the company manufactures a full range of MDF products for a variety of applications, including light weight and standard weight grades and moisture-resistant versions. Its top-quality grade, CaberWood MDF Pro is designed specifically for the production of high-grade furniture and fittings. Its consistent close-grained texture ensures clean edges and surfaces that will take a smooth finish.

While the furniture industry is an important consumer of all types of wood product (including expensive high quality hardwoods) the bulk of its production relies on sheet materials and in particular, products like Norbord’s CaberWood MDF.

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