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Benefits of using CaberShieldPlus in the build process
10 June 2019

What is CaberShieldPlus?

CaberShieldPlus is a chipboard flooring panel, available in 18mm or 22mm, with a permanent waterproof, protective layer on the top and bottom of the panel.

What are the benefits of using a product like CaberShieldPlus?

It has been specifically designed for construction when the roof still hasn’t been placed, or before the building is watertight. With a permanent, waterproof coating on both sides, the flooring is BBA-certified for exposure to construction work and the elements for up to 60 days when fixed with Caberfix D4 adhesive. After work is complete, the floor can be wiped clean so that it is ready for finishings such as carpet and laminate.

Why this product in particular?

Because of its waterproof coating on the top and bottom surfaces – BBA certified exposure for up to 60 days – can allow contractors to start the floor deck before the roof has been placed, helping to keep construction work progressing.

What glue should be used to secure a watertight fixing?

It should be fixed with Norbord’s D4 adhesive – a one-bottle solution for fixing flooring to joists – in T&G joints and to seal the perimeter. By foaming up, it helps users see when a watertight seal is made.

How many boards does a bottle of D4 cover?

12 bottles will cover 66 boards (one whole pack of 22mm flooring) when using it to glue both the joist and the T&G joints.

Is a tape required?

There is no need for tape as the D4 is able to seal the floor perimeter as well as sealing the joints and bonding to the joists.

How does D4 glue stack up against cheaper alternatives?

It is high quality and fully tested and approved by the BBA. Installers will only receive the BBA guarantee when using CaberShieldPlus and CaberFix D4 together.

What percentage of the boards is made from recycled material?

CaberBoard flooring is approximately 70% recycled wood. 30% fresh wood is used to give the board its stability and structural properties.

What does “BBA-Certified for 60 days exposure” actually mean?

This confirms that CaberShieldPlus, once fixed and sealed to Norbord’s installation instructions, can be left exposed for up to 60 days before the building is watertight. The floor will remain strong and secure, and be protected from water, mess from other trades, foot traffic and bad weather.

Do I need to do anything specific to get the BBA approval?

Most importantly, the panel must be installed as per Norbord’s installation guides, and used with CaberFix D4 adhesive in order to maintain the BBA certification and ensure the 60 days protection. The board has not been tested with any other adhesive and therefore using an alternative will void the guarantee. CaberFix D4 is a one-bottle solution foaming adhesive that fixes the board to joists, T&G joints and seals the edges.

Where can I buy CaberShieldPlus and CaberFix D4?

Both are stocked in many builders’ merchants across the UK. Stockists of Norbord products can be found at

Are the installation instructions online?

Yes! Norbord’s installation guides can be found on the website at and also on the YouTube channel.

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