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All the housebuilder needs to know about engineered wood panels
18 March 2020

We are Norbord and always on hand to give expert advice when it comes to engineered wood panels for housebuilders. But what do you all actually need to know above all else? We asked!

A number of common issues for housebuilders can be alleviated with the right Norbord products or systems so here we go with insightful answers to those burning questions.

Are your products compatible with any solid timber joist, I-joist or metal web joist?
Yes – all our products are compatible with solid timber joist, I-joist and metal web joist.

Which merchants provide Norbord’s products?
Our ranges are available from national and independent merchants, timber engineering and I-joist and UK timber panel distributors. To see all stockists of Norbord products, please click here.

What accreditation do the products have?
The products come certified with all the correct accreditation; namely BBA, Airborne and Impact Sound, CE markings and FSC certificates.

Is the CaberDek® protective film recyclable?
Yes – the CaberDek film is recyclable.

Can I be sure, when cutting CaberDek®, that the protective film will not cause a health and safety issue with fibres clogging circular saws?
This is a very important concern to take into consideration and, fortunately, the CaberDek® protective film is not a woven product. This means that you are completely protected from this issue and there is no need to compromise on health and safety.

Do your products promote a significant H&S advantage?
Norbord products are designed with health and safety in mind and aim to make the housebuilding experience safe and simple. This means that our products come clad with anti-slip coverings to provide a safe working platform to mitigate the risks of accidents.

Can CaberDek® and CaberShieldPlus® be laid in damp conditions?
A distinct advantage of CaberDek® and CaberShieldPlus® is the ability for the products to be laid in various weather conditions. Dryness can’t always be guaranteed, but our product can be laid in damp conditions meaning less time wasted on the build.

What range of products can you supply me in my build programme?
CaberFloor P5® is the ideal material for flooring; with CaberDek®, CaberShieldPlus® and CaberAcoustic® for more advanced solutions.
SterlingOSB® Zero® is suitable for a wide range of purposes from I-Joist to walls, floors and roofs.
CaberWood MDF® is best for skirtings, architraves, sills and door linings.

Are the products weather resistant?
One of the biggest benefits of Norbord products is the security and stability whatever the weather. CaberDek® comes with a 42-day weather resistance guarantee and CaberShieldPlus® offers and impressive 60 days of weather resistance when laid in accordance with fitting instructions.

Can you offer automated decking layouts with floor design related to specific house types / I joist spec?
We cannot offer automated decking layouts. Our timber engineering partners can offer this service.

What are the point load characteristics with regards to loading out zones on a working deck?
22mm CaberFloor P5 at 600mm joist centres satisfies the residential requirement for point load = 2kN. Loading should be limited to that. We recommend overlaying sacrificial boards on top of the floor to protect and provide additional strength.

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